Spring spring, terminating in a drain...

 The beautiful spring weather is evident in the North-facing slopes of the former Coldspring Valley, now McMaster Parking. Skunk Cabbage, considered an "edge-of-wetlands plant," thrives as the cold spring waters trickle down the hillside.

Whereas formerly the spring might have fed into the now vanished Binkley's Pond or contributed to a spring creek moseying through a "wet woodland" (as marked on a historic Royal Botanical Gardens trail map), it now terminates at a drain, a rather ignoble end to such a magical and delicate operation of nature. 
Restore Cootes is seeking the cooperation of the University to reclaim the adjacent lands from their current use for parking McMaster's cars (on a lot which for the majority of each week remains near empty) so that it can be restored to its former natural glory.